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Front End News #048 Compat 2021 Update, Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0, and more

Compat 2021 brought better cross-browser compatibility. Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, and Safari Technology Preview 137 rolled out to users. Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0.0, and the Node January Security Updates lead the updates section.

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Front End News #047 Announcing the UI fund, Dusty Domains, Safari Technology Preview 136, and Tailwind CSS 3

Chrome has launched the UI fund, designed to provide grants for people who work on design tools, CSS, and HTML. Netlify wants you to revive your dusty domains and generate money for charity. Safari Technology Preview 136 is out, bringing support for the CSS `contain: paint` and `flex-basis: content` properties. And the highlight of the updates section is Tailwind CSS v3.0.

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The 2021 Roundup of Advent Calendars for Designers and Developers

It's advent calendar season again. Keeping up with the (one-year-old) tradition, I'm bringing you a roundup of calendars focused on the design and development industry.

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