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Front End News #109 The Front End Developer Handbook 2024, State of HTML and State of JavaScript 2023 Results, TypeScript 5.5, and more 8 iulie 2024

Stay ahead in your career with the highly anticipated Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook 2024. The Results for both the State of HTML and State of JavaScript 2023 surveys are finally here. In Browser News, we have lots of Web Platform updates and even more browser releases. On the Release Radar, we have Angular 18, Electron 30-31, TypeScript 5.5, and many more entries. We round up with an extensive collection of Front End Resources featuring assets, generators, and other useful tools and utilities.

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Front End News #108 35 Years of Web, Speedometer 3, Chrome 123-124, Firefox 124-125, Vivaldi mobile 6.6, and more 17 aprilie 2024

It's the Web's 35th birthday. Test your browser with Speedometer 3. Browser News covers Chrome 123-124, Firefox 124-125, and Vivaldi mobile 6.6. The Release Radar targets Angular 17.3, Bun 1.1, Deno 1.42, ESLint v9, Gulp v5, WordPress 6.5, and more. We wrap things up with a collection of tools, utilities, images, and fonts for all your web design and development needs.

Front End Resource Repository

You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. Enhance your project with awesome assets and work smarter with handy tools and utilities. Here are the latest ones added to our repository.

Cover for Who Can Use

Who Can Use

A tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect people with different visual impairments

Cover for VISIWIG Vector Pattern Generator

VISIWIG Vector Pattern Generator

Customize seamless patterns and export for the web or your favorite vector software

Cover for VISIWIG Indie Icons

VISIWIG Indie Icons

Copy/Paste icons into HTML, CSS, or Illustrator

Cover for Type Fluidity

Type Fluidity

Calculate fluid typography sizes

Cover for The good colors

The good colors

Create a color palette using OKLCH, ensuring consistent perceptual changes in lightness and chroma

Cover for Tailwind CSS Color Generator

Tailwind CSS Color Generator

Generate, edit, save and share Tailwind CSS color shades

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The 2023 Roundup of Advent Calendars for Designers and Developers

Another year, another round of advent calendars is upon us. Welcome everyone to the Fourth roundup of advent calendars for designers and developers.

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