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Front End News #093 Introducing, GitHub Copilot Voice and Copilot X, Edge 111, Firefox 111, Safari 16.4, and more March 28, 2023

Mozilla plans a better, ethical AI ecosystem with GitHub unveils Copilot X and Copilot Voice. In browser news, we discuss Edge 111, Firefox 111, Polypane 13.1, Safari 16.4, and Safari Technology Preview 166. On the Release Radar, we have stuff like ESLint v8.36.0, Mongoose 7, or TypeScript 5.0. Last but not least, we got a handful of resources, including icons, SVG shapes, font utilities, and more.

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Front End News #092 Chrome 111, Safari Technology Preview 165, Astro 2.1, Deno 1.31, jQuery 3.6.4, TypeScript 5.0 RC, and more March 13, 2023

In this issue we find out what happened on the web platform in February. Next, we take a look at the updates landing in Chrome 111 and Safari Technology Preview 165. On the release radar, we have Astro 2.1, Deno 1.31, jQuery 3.6.4 (a real blast from the past), TypeScript 5.0 RC, and more. The resources section is also well-represented today. We got icons, image utilities, code generators, and the list goes on.

Front End Resource Repository

You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. Enhance your project with awesome assets and work smarter with handy tools and utilities. Here are the latest ones added to our repository.

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A polyglot web converter

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Simple CSS scrollbar editor

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Screen from Traction

Create screenshots of your app for product pages

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Restoring old photos using AI for everyone

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