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For Front-End Developers and Designers
Cover for SVGFM


A node graph builder for SVG filters

Cover for SVG Flag Icons

SVG Flag Icons

Explore over 200 optimized SVG country flag icons

Cover for SVG Encoder / Converter

SVG Encoder / Converter

A simple tool to convert an SVG into different formats

Cover for Specificity battle!

Specificity battle!

CSS Specificity calculator

Cover for Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

A collection of free SVG social media icons

Cover for Nucleo Essential Icons

Nucleo Essential Icons

A carefully curated subset of the broader Nucleo icon library

Cover for NEAT


Beautiful gradient animations for your website

Cover for ICONSVG


Quick customizable icons for your projects

Cover for

An ever growing collection of free game icons

Cover for Figicon


Discover Thousands of Free Minimal and Pixel-Perfect Figma Icons for Your Projects

Cover for CSS Generators: Tooltips & Speech Bubbles

CSS Generators: Tooltips & Speech Bubbles

A CSS-only collection of Tooltips & Speech Bubbles made with a single element

Cover for Bootstrap 5 Modern Backgrounds

Bootstrap 5 Modern Backgrounds

Plug 'n play modern background made with Bootstrap, CSS variables, and plain CSS

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