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Compat 2021 Update, Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0, and more Front End News #048

Compat 2021 brought better cross-browser compatibility. Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, and Safari Technology Preview 137 rolled out to users. Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0.0, and the Node January Security Updates lead the updates section.

Announcing the UI fund, Dusty Domains, Safari Technology Preview 136, and Tailwind CSS 3 Front End News #047

Chrome has launched the UI fund, designed to provide grants for people who work on design tools, CSS, and HTML. Netlify wants you to revive your dusty domains and generate money for charity. Safari Technology Preview 136 is out, bringing support for the CSS `contain: paint` and `flex-basis: content` properties. And the highlight of the updates section is Tailwind CSS v3.0.

The 2021 Web Almanac, State of the Browser sessions, 2021 Advent Calendar Roundup, Vivaldi 5.0 Front End News #046

We can now start exploring the 2021 Web Almanac. The talks from the State of the Browser conference are now available online. And I put together a roundup of this year's Advent Calendars dedicated to designers and developers. We're getting a preview of both the new DevTools in Chrome 97 and the new sandboxing technology in Firefox 95. Vivaldi launched version 5 for desktop and Android. Last but not least, the software releases include Node v17.2.0, npm v8.2.0, and more.

What's coming in WordPress 5.9, Edge 96, ESLint 8.3, Prettier 2.5, and React Redux 8 beta Front End News #045

Today we're looking at the upcoming version 5.9 of WordPress. The Edge 96 release notes are available. And the software updates section includes ESLint 8.3, Prettier 2.5, React Redux 8 beta, and more.

Lighthouse 9.0, Web Almanac 2021, Brave Wallet, Chrome 96, Firefox Relay, Safari Technology Preview 135, and more Front End News #044

Lighthouse 9.0 is now available. The Web Almanac 2021 released 7 of their chapters. Brave launched Brave Wallet. Chrome 96 brings fixes to 25 security issues. Firefox Relay is a new tool to protect your privacy. Safari Technology Preview 135 is out. Last, but not least, Electron 16 and TypeScript 4.5 are the important releases of this issue.

W3C TPAC 2021 archive, Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more Front End News #043

It has been a very quiet week in the web industry. W3C opened up the archive for the TPAC 2021, their annual conference. The notable updates are Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more.

Chrome Dev Summit 2021, Edge for Linux, Firefox 94, Polypane 7, Angular 13, and TypeScript 4.5 RC Front End News #042

Check out everything announced at Chrome Dev Summit 2021. Linux users can now use the stable version of Edge. Firefox 94 is now available, Polypane is now at version 7, and the software updates of the week feature Angular 13, TypeScript 4.5 RC, and more.

New WebKit features in Safari 15, introducing Material You, Photoshop's journey to the web, and Next 12 Front End News #041

New WebKit features have arrived in Safari 15. The new Material You documentation and migration guide is now available. We learn about how Photoshop could have a web version. Safari Technology Preview 134 is out, and Next 12 is the highlight of the software updates section.

State of CSS 2021, Chrome 94/95, Firefox 92/93, Vivaldi 4.2/4.3, Node 17, and more Front End News #040

The 2021 edition of the State of CSS survey is up again. The Web Almanac team is already looking for collaborators for the next year's edition. The js13kGames 2021 winners have been announced. We have double updates from most browser vendors: Chrome 94 and 95, Firefox 92 and 93, Vivaldi 4.2 and 4.3. The software updates are numerous as well, including Node 17, npm 8, TypeScript 4.5 Beta, Electron 15, and many, many more.

What's new in ES2022, JS1024 Results, Chrome 93, Firefox 91, Polypane 6.3, and more Front End News #039

In this issue, we're taking a look at the new things coming in ES2022. We have the results of the JS1024 code challenge. There are updates from many browsers: Chrome 93, Firefox 91, Polypane 6.3, and four updates of Safari Technology Preview (from 128 to 131). The section on updates and releases is huge, with packages like Deno 1.13, Electron 14.0.0, Mongoose 6.0.0, TypeScript 4.4, Yarn 3.0, NodeJS, and many, many more

New updates and releases: Firefox 90, Polypane 6.2, Deno 1.12, Node 16.5.0, V8 release v9.2, and more Front End News #038

This issue is full of updates and releases. Firefox rolled out the update to version 90. Polypane released version 6.2. JavaScript runtimes get updates too: version 1.12 for Deno and 16.5.0 for NodeJS. The V8 engine got a new release too, as well as many other software packages.

Open Source Insights, BAT Roadmap 2.0 Update 2, Tools for migration to Microsoft Edge, and Gatsby v3.9 Front End News #037

Google introduces Open Source Insights, a tool to track and analyze open-source packages. Brave released the second update to their BAT Roadmap 2.0. IE users have a new set of tools to help them migrate to Microsoft Edge. And Gatsby v3.9 is the main release of the week.

Presenting GitHub Copilot, the 2021 edition of JS1024, new Chrome Store policies, and Safari Technology Preview 127 Front End News #036

GitHub introduced Copilot. The 2021 edition of JS1024 is on. The policies for Chrome Store extensions will update on August 2. Mac users can now download Safari Technology Preview 127. And the main release of the week is TypeScript 4.4 Beta.

Introducing Deno Deploy Beta, ES2021 has been approved, Google delays FLoC, and the launch of Brave Search Front End News #035

Deno Deploy is the latest addition to the Deno ecosystem. The Ecma General Assembly has approved ECMAScript 2021. Brave launched Brave Search Beta. Google postponed the deployment of FLoC. Chrome 91 included TableNG, solving many table rendering issues. And the major releases include Angular v12.1.0, Cypress v7.6.0, Hugo 0.84.0, and more.

The Google Chrome team reveals Aurora, Security Patch for Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 126 Front End News #034

The Google Chrome team reveals Aurora, a collaboration project with the major open-source web frameworks and tools. There is a security update to Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 126 is available, with features from the upcoming Safari 15. The software updates of the week include Deno 1.11, Next.js 11, Tailwind CSS v2.2, and more.

WebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21, Fastly CDN outage, and Vivaldi 4.0 Front End News #033

Apple introduced WebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21. The outage at Fastly affected large parts of the Internet. Microsoft released a guide for moving from Internet Explorer to Edge. Vivaldi released the 4.0 update, promising an alternative to Big Tech. And the software updates of the week include Cypress v7.5.0, Mocha v9.0.0, the roadmap to React 18, and more.

Lighthouse 8.0, Stack Overflow acquired, Firefox 89, and Polypane 6.1 Front End News #032

Lighthouse gets a major upgrade with version 8. Stack Overflow is being acquired for $1.8bn. Firefox rolled out update 89, Polypane released version 6.1, and we get a preview of what will come in Chrome 92. The major software releases are Node v16.3.0 and Electron 13.0.0.

Introducing TypeScript 4.3, what's new in Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 125 Front End News #031

TypeScript 4.3 is officially out. We get a glimpse at what's new in Chrome 91. And Safari Technology Preview 125 is available for download. The software releases section includes Cypress 7.4.0, ESLint v7.27.0, and more.

Material You and Android 12 Beta from Google I/O, the end of IE11, and Firefox Site Isolation Front End News #030

Google I/O announced (among other things) Material You and Android 12 Beta. Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer 11 next year. Firefox is migrating to new security architecture. And new releases include Ghost 4.5.0, Node v16.2.0, Sass 1.33.0/1.34.0, and more.

Better Web Vitals with Lighthouse, why is Babel running out of money, Web Almanac needs authors, and presenting CanIEmail Front End News #029

Find out how to optimize Web Vitals using Lighthouse. Why is Babel running out of money? Web Almanac needs authors and contributors. And CanIEmail can be your best friend if you create emails frequently. Major software releases include Angular 12, Deno 1.10, TypeScript 4.3 RC, and more.

Boostrap 5 is officially out, measure your Web Core Vitals with Lighthouse Metrics, Safari 14.1, and Vivaldi 3.8 Front End News #028

Bootstrap 5 is officially out of beta. You can use Lighthouse Metrics to measure your Web Core Vitals. Safari 14.1 and Vivaldi 3.8are out. And the software releases include Babel 7.14.0, Next.js 10.2, Node-dev v7.0.0, and more.

A guide to measuring Core Web Vitals, Cloudflare Pages, and what's new in Chrome 91 Front End News #027

Find out how to measure the Core Web Vitals with the in-depth guide from Smashing Magazine. Cloudflare Pages is now available for anyone. And the software releases of this week include Ember 3.26, Grunt v1.4.0, and more.

Are You FLoCed? Chrome 90, Edge 90, Firefox 88, and Deno 1.9 Front End News #026

You can now check if you're part of the FLoC test and why the industry considers the proposal a bad idea. Browser updates are out, with Chrome 90, Edge 90, and Firefox 88. And the software releases include Deno 1.9, Cypress 7.1.0, D3 v6.7.0, and more.

Contributors wanted for the 2021 Web Almanac, a new Chrome Developers website, and Tailwind CSS v2.1 Front End News #025

The 2021 Web Almanac needs contributors. Brave updates their BAT Roadmap 2.0. Chrome Developers have a new website portal. And the leading software update of the week is version 2.1 of Tailwind CSS.

Announcing the Deno Company, Polypane 5.1, Safari Technology Preview 123, and TypeScript 4.3 Beta Front End News #024

The creators of Deno announced the Deno Company. Polypane 5.1 and Safari Technology Preview 123 are out. And the releases of the week include Next.js 10.1, npm 7.8.0, TypeScript 4.3 Beta, and more.

Compat2021 for better developer satisfaction, Firefox 87, and Bootstrap 5 Beta 3 Front End News #023

Google and Microsoft are leading a new initiative for better browser compatibility called Compat2021. Firefox 87 brings new privacy features, and the releases of this week include Bootstrap 5 Beta 3, webpack v5.28.0, and more.

Front-End Developer Learning Roadmap, The Part Time Creator Manifesto, and Vivaldi 3.7 Front End News #022

Front End Masters released an updated version of their Learning Roadmap for Front-End Developers. Those looking for inspiration to create content should read the Part Time Creator Manifesto. Vivaldi released version 3.7 for PC and Android. And the releases of the week include Gatsby v3.1, Ghost 4.0, and Node v15.12.0.

ES2021 candidate, Edge Legacy end of support, Polypane 5, and Safari Technology Preview 122 Front End News #021

ECMAScript 2021 now has candidate status. Edge Legacy will no longer receive any security updates, Polypane released version 5 with a lot of new features, and Safari Technology Preview 122 is now available. Some of the major releases of the week include d3 v6.6.0, Karma v6.2.0, and Socket.IO 4.0.0.

Brave enters the Search Market, Chrome 89 rolls out, and WAI-ARIA 1.2 is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation Front End News #020

Brave enters the search engine market, Chrome 89 update rolled out to users, and the Flow browser is now available for Raspberry Pi devices. WAI-ARIA 1.2 is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation, while the venerable jQuery has reached version 3.6.0.

Total Cookie Protection in Firefox 86, CSS container queries, and Safari Technology Preview 121 Front End News #019

Firefox 86 is out, bringing over Total Cookie Protection (and a special logo for the Nightly edition). CSSWG accepted the `@container` queries proposal into the CSS specification process. Smashing Magazine offers awesome advice on useful DevTools tips and shortcuts. Software Updates include Lighthouse v7.2.0, Node February 2021 Security Releases, and TypeScript 4.2.

Linux drone arrives on Mars, how to run a website on solar power, and how to avoid npm substitution attacks Front End News #018

NASA's Linux-powered helicopter reports in from Mars. Low Tech Magazine has a version of its website that runs on solar power. GitHub teaches us how to avoid npm substitution attacks. And the software updates section covers Gutenberg v10.0.0, Node v15.9.0, and more.

The Rust Foundation, Chrome ditching third-party cookies, and Safari Technology Preview 120 Front End News #017

The Rust Foundation is the new steward for the Rust programming language and ecosystem. Chrome will ditch third-party cookies in 2022, and the web will never be the same. Release notes for Safari Technology Preview 120 are out, and the main software releases of this issue are Angular 11.2 and TypeScript 4.2 RC.

Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability, the end of the Flash era, and what WebRTC means for you Front End News #016

You should update your Google Chrome browser right away to patch a zero-day vulnerability already being exploited. Next, I prepared for you some opinions on the end of life for Flash. MS Edge now runs natively on M1 Mac devices, and Safari Technology Preview 119 is now available. The Software Updates section includes Node v15.8.0, vuex v4.0.0, VSCode, and more.

Introducing Open Web Docs, the 2020 Internet Health Report, WebRTC and Firefox 85 Front End News #015

The MDN Web Docs have a brighter future due to the Open Web Docs initiative. Mozilla published the 2020 Internet Health Report, WebRTC is now a standard, and Firefox updated to version 85.

Aspect Ratio comes in Chrome 88, Brave ads IPFS support, and the new Edge 88 Front End News #014

Chrome 88 brings support for `aspect-ratio` in CSS. Brave integrates IPFS, and we see what's new in Edge 88 and what changes will happen in the Dev Tools once Chrome 89 arrives. The software updates cover Angular v11.1.0, Bootstrap v4.6.0, Cypress 6.3.0, and Deno 1.7.

2021 Front End Performance Checklist and the 2020 State of JS results Front End News #013

We're starting 2021 strong with a new edition of the Front End Performance Checklist. Next, come the results for the State of JS survey, an extra trend report for State of CSS. And we have multiple updates from Node, Gatsby, Jeckyl, and the new Typescript 4.2 Beta.

MDN Web Docs new home and results for MDN Dev Needs Assessment and Angular Developer surveys Front End News #012

The end of the year brings over the launch of the new MDN Web Docs platform. We also have the results for the MDN Web Developer Needs Survey and the Angular Developer Survey. Firefox updated to version 84, while the top releases are Node v14.15.3 (LTS) and npm v7.2.0.

Web Almanac 2020 and the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon Front End News #011

This edition brings you the long-awaited 2020 Web Almanac, and the DEV community is running a hackathon for the DigitalOcean App Platform. There are updates to Deno, Node, npm, VSCode, Vue Router, and more.

State of CSS 2020 Results, 25 years of JavaScript and Advent Calendar Season Front End News #010

This week I give you the results of the State of CSS survey, a large number of advent calendars for designers and developers, and we celebrate 25 years of JavaScript.

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive and the Gatsby Silly Site Challenge Front End News #009

The Internet Archive preserves some of the most loved Flash animations and games. Node, Webpack, and Cypress are the highlights of the software updates section. And the featured developer project is about booting a PC from a vinyl drive.

Major browser updates - Chrome 87, Edge 87, and Firefox 83 - and 10 years of HTTP Archive Front End News #008

This week brought us a lot of updates to the major browsers. The HTTP Archive celebrates 10 years of existence. Electron 11 and TypeScript 4.1 dominate the software updates section. And I've included some great projects as well because awesome work deserves recognition.

Web Almanac 2020 Preview, .NET 5, Container Queries, and Angular 11 Front End News #007

We're getting a preview at the upcoming 2020 edition of the Web Almanac, .NET 5 is now available, Container Queries are coming to Chromium and Angular 11 has been released.

State of Developer Ecosystem in 2020 and Native CSS Masonry Explained Front End News #006

Find out what is the state of the Developer Ecosystem in 2020, take a deep dive into the new native CSS masonry specs and celebrate with Brave their achievemements of the last 12 months.

CSS Masonry specs, Caniuse partners with BrowserStack, and the npm public roadmap Front End News #005

This week I'm most excited by the possibility of native CSS masonry layouts. There are updates from MDN Web Docs, Caniuse partners with BrowserStack, and npm publishes their roadmap.

State of CSS 2020 Survey, Firefox 82, Node.js v15 and React v17 Front End News #004

This week I present you the new State of CSS survey, the preview of the upcoming editorial strategy for MDN Web Docs, the release notes for Firefox 82, and major updates for widely used software like Node.js (v15) or React (v17).

MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment Survey, Vivaldia and Webpack 5 Front End News #003

The MDN team invites you to participate to the 2020 MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment Survey, get entertained with Vivaldia and be ready to update your tooling setup with Webpack 5

The launch of Global Privacy Control, 2020 Material Design Awards, and the 2020 React Community Survey Front End News #002

Today I'm covering the launch of Global Privacy Control, the 2020 Material Design Awards and the 2020 React Community Survey. Then there's the usual updates from the mainstream browsers, important software updates and releases, and much more.

Are you ready for Hacktoberfest? Front End News #001

Get ready for a very consistent selection that covers: Hacktoberfest 2020, an introduction to the AVIF image format, GitHub Container Registry and GitHub CLI, what's new with the mainstream browsers, software updates and releases, and much more.