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Linux drone arrives on Mars, how to run a website on solar power, and how to avoid npm substitution attacks Front End News #018 22 februarie 2021

NASA's Linux-powered helicopter reports in from Mars. Low Tech Magazine has a version of its website that runs on solar power. GitHub teaches us how to avoid npm substitution attacks. And the software updates section covers Gutenberg v10.0.0, Node v15.9.0, and more.

The Rust Foundation, Chrome ditching third-party cookies, and Safari Technology Preview 120 Front End News #017 15 februarie 2021

The Rust Foundation is the new steward for the Rust programming language and ecosystem. Chrome will ditch third-party cookies in 2022, and the web will never be the same. Release notes for Safari Technology Preview 120 are out, and the main software releases of this issue are Angular 11.2 and TypeScript 4.2 RC.

Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability, the end of the Flash era, and what WebRTC means for you Front End News #016 8 februarie 2021

You should update your Google Chrome browser right away to patch a zero-day vulnerability already being exploited. Next, I prepared for you some opinions on the end of life for Flash. MS Edge now runs natively on M1 Mac devices, and Safari Technology Preview 119 is now available. The Software Updates section includes Node v15.8.0, vuex v4.0.0, VSCode, and more.

Introducing Open Web Docs, the 2020 Internet Health Report, WebRTC and Firefox 85 Front End News #015 1 februarie 2021

The MDN Web Docs have a brighter future due to the Open Web Docs initiative. Mozilla published the 2020 Internet Health Report, WebRTC is now a standard, and Firefox updated to version 85.

Aspect Ratio comes in Chrome 88, Brave ads IPFS support, and the new Edge 88 Front End News #014 25 ianuarie 2021

Chrome 88 brings support for `aspect-ratio` in CSS. Brave integrates IPFS, and we see what's new in Edge 88 and what changes will happen in the Dev Tools once Chrome 89 arrives. The software updates cover Angular v11.1.0, Bootstrap v4.6.0, Cypress 6.3.0, and Deno 1.7.

2021 Front End Performance Checklist and the 2020 State of JS results Front End News #013 18 ianuarie 2021

We're starting 2021 strong with a new edition of the Front End Performance Checklist. Next, come the results for the State of JS survey, an extra trend report for State of CSS. And we have multiple updates from Node, Gatsby, Jeckyl, and the new Typescript 4.2 Beta.

MDN Web Docs new home and results for MDN Dev Needs Assessment and Angular Developer surveys Front End News #012 21 decembrie 2020

The end of the year brings over the launch of the new MDN Web Docs platform. We also have the results for the MDN Web Developer Needs Survey and the Angular Developer Survey. Firefox updated to version 84, while the top releases are Node v14.15.3 (LTS) and npm v7.2.0.

Web Almanac 2020 and the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon Front End News #011 14 decembrie 2020

This edition brings you the long-awaited 2020 Web Almanac, and the DEV community is running a hackathon for the DigitalOcean App Platform. There are updates to Deno, Node, npm, VSCode, Vue Router, and more.

State of CSS 2020 Results, 25 years of JavaScript and Advent Calendar Season Front End News #010 7 decembrie 2020

This week I give you the results of the State of CSS survey, a large number of advent calendars for designers and developers, and we celebrate 25 years of JavaScript.

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive and the Gatsby Silly Site Challenge Front End News #009 30 noiembrie 2020

The Internet Archive preserves some of the most loved Flash animations and games. Node, Webpack, and Cypress are the highlights of the software updates section. And the featured developer project is about booting a PC from a vinyl drive.