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Compat 2021 Update, Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0, and more Front End News #048 17 ianuarie 2022

Compat 2021 brought better cross-browser compatibility. Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Safari 15.2, and Safari Technology Preview 137 rolled out to users. Ember 4.0, Jasmine 4.0.0, and the Node January Security Updates lead the updates section.

Announcing the UI fund, Dusty Domains, Safari Technology Preview 136, and Tailwind CSS 3 Front End News #047 13 decembrie 2021

Chrome has launched the UI fund, designed to provide grants for people who work on design tools, CSS, and HTML. Netlify wants you to revive your dusty domains and generate money for charity. Safari Technology Preview 136 is out, bringing support for the CSS `contain: paint` and `flex-basis: content` properties. And the highlight of the updates section is Tailwind CSS v3.0.

The 2021 Web Almanac, State of the Browser sessions, 2021 Advent Calendar Roundup, Vivaldi 5.0 Front End News #046 6 decembrie 2021

We can now start exploring the 2021 Web Almanac. The talks from the State of the Browser conference are now available online. And I put together a roundup of this year's Advent Calendars dedicated to designers and developers. We're getting a preview of both the new DevTools in Chrome 97 and the new sandboxing technology in Firefox 95. Vivaldi launched version 5 for desktop and Android. Last but not least, the software releases include Node v17.2.0, npm v8.2.0, and more.

What's coming in WordPress 5.9, Edge 96, ESLint 8.3, Prettier 2.5, and React Redux 8 beta Front End News #045 28 noiembrie 2021

Today we're looking at the upcoming version 5.9 of WordPress. The Edge 96 release notes are available. And the software updates section includes ESLint 8.3, Prettier 2.5, React Redux 8 beta, and more.

Lighthouse 9.0, Web Almanac 2021, Brave Wallet, Chrome 96, Firefox Relay, Safari Technology Preview 135, and more Front End News #044 22 noiembrie 2021

Lighthouse 9.0 is now available. The Web Almanac 2021 released 7 of their chapters. Brave launched Brave Wallet. Chrome 96 brings fixes to 25 security issues. Firefox Relay is a new tool to protect your privacy. Safari Technology Preview 135 is out. Last, but not least, Electron 16 and TypeScript 4.5 are the important releases of this issue.

W3C TPAC 2021 archive, Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more Front End News #043 15 noiembrie 2021

It has been a very quiet week in the web industry. W3C opened up the archive for the TPAC 2021, their annual conference. The notable updates are Cypress v9, Deno 1.16, React Router v6, and more.

Chrome Dev Summit 2021, Edge for Linux, Firefox 94, Polypane 7, Angular 13, and TypeScript 4.5 RC Front End News #042 8 noiembrie 2021

Check out everything announced at Chrome Dev Summit 2021. Linux users can now use the stable version of Edge. Firefox 94 is now available, Polypane is now at version 7, and the software updates of the week feature Angular 13, TypeScript 4.5 RC, and more.

New WebKit features in Safari 15, introducing Material You, Photoshop's journey to the web, and Next 12 Front End News #041 1 noiembrie 2021

New WebKit features have arrived in Safari 15. The new Material You documentation and migration guide is now available. We learn about how Photoshop could have a web version. Safari Technology Preview 134 is out, and Next 12 is the highlight of the software updates section.

State of CSS 2021, Chrome 94/95, Firefox 92/93, Vivaldi 4.2/4.3, Node 17, and more Front End News #040 25 octombrie 2021

The 2021 edition of the State of CSS survey is up again. The Web Almanac team is already looking for collaborators for the next year's edition. The js13kGames 2021 winners have been announced. We have double updates from most browser vendors: Chrome 94 and 95, Firefox 92 and 93, Vivaldi 4.2 and 4.3. The software updates are numerous as well, including Node 17, npm 8, TypeScript 4.5 Beta, Electron 15, and many, many more.

What's new in ES2022, JS1024 Results, Chrome 93, Firefox 91, Polypane 6.3, and more Front End News #039 6 septembrie 2021

In this issue, we're taking a look at the new things coming in ES2022. We have the results of the JS1024 code challenge. There are updates from many browsers: Chrome 93, Firefox 91, Polypane 6.3, and four updates of Safari Technology Preview (from 128 to 131). The section on updates and releases is huge, with packages like Deno 1.13, Electron 14.0.0, Mongoose 6.0.0, TypeScript 4.4, Yarn 3.0, NodeJS, and many, many more