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New updates and releases: Firefox 90, Polypane 6.2, Deno 1.12, Node 16.5.0, V8 release v9.2, and more Front End News #038 19 iulie 2021

This issue is full of updates and releases. Firefox rolled out the update to version 90. Polypane released version 6.2. JavaScript runtimes get updates too: version 1.12 for Deno and 16.5.0 for NodeJS. The V8 engine got a new release too, as well as many other software packages.

Open Source Insights, BAT Roadmap 2.0 Update 2, Tools for migration to Microsoft Edge, and Gatsby v3.9 Front End News #037 12 iulie 2021

Google introduces Open Source Insights, a tool to track and analyze open-source packages. Brave released the second update to their BAT Roadmap 2.0. IE users have a new set of tools to help them migrate to Microsoft Edge. And Gatsby v3.9 is the main release of the week.

Presenting GitHub Copilot, the 2021 edition of JS1024, new Chrome Store policies, and Safari Technology Preview 127 Front End News #036 5 iulie 2021

GitHub introduced Copilot. The 2021 edition of JS1024 is on. The policies for Chrome Store extensions will update on August 2. Mac users can now download Safari Technology Preview 127. And the main release of the week is TypeScript 4.4 Beta.

Introducing Deno Deploy Beta, ES2021 has been approved, Google delays FLoC, and the launch of Brave Search Front End News #035 28 iunie 2021

Deno Deploy is the latest addition to the Deno ecosystem. The Ecma General Assembly has approved ECMAScript 2021. Brave launched Brave Search Beta. Google postponed the deployment of FLoC. Chrome 91 included TableNG, solving many table rendering issues. And the major releases include Angular v12.1.0, Cypress v7.6.0, Hugo 0.84.0, and more.

The Google Chrome team reveals Aurora, Security Patch for Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 126 Front End News #034 20 iunie 2021

The Google Chrome team reveals Aurora, a collaboration project with the major open-source web frameworks and tools. There is a security update to Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 126 is available, with features from the upcoming Safari 15. The software updates of the week include Deno 1.11, Next.js 11, Tailwind CSS v2.2, and more.

WebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21, Fastly CDN outage, and Vivaldi 4.0 Front End News #033 14 iunie 2021

Apple introduced WebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21. The outage at Fastly affected large parts of the Internet. Microsoft released a guide for moving from Internet Explorer to Edge. Vivaldi released the 4.0 update, promising an alternative to Big Tech. And the software updates of the week include Cypress v7.5.0, Mocha v9.0.0, the roadmap to React 18, and more.

Lighthouse 8.0, Stack Overflow acquired, Firefox 89, and Polypane 6.1 Front End News #032 7 iunie 2021

Lighthouse gets a major upgrade with version 8. Stack Overflow is being acquired for $1.8bn. Firefox rolled out update 89, Polypane released version 6.1, and we get a preview of what will come in Chrome 92. The major software releases are Node v16.3.0 and Electron 13.0.0.

Introducing TypeScript 4.3, what's new in Chrome 91, and Safari Technology Preview 125 Front End News #031 31 mai 2021

TypeScript 4.3 is officially out. We get a glimpse at what's new in Chrome 91. And Safari Technology Preview 125 is available for download. The software releases section includes Cypress 7.4.0, ESLint v7.27.0, and more.

Material You and Android 12 Beta from Google I/O, the end of IE11, and Firefox Site Isolation Front End News #030 24 mai 2021

Google I/O announced (among other things) Material You and Android 12 Beta. Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer 11 next year. Firefox is migrating to new security architecture. And new releases include Ghost 4.5.0, Node v16.2.0, Sass 1.33.0/1.34.0, and more.

Better Web Vitals with Lighthouse, why is Babel running out of money, Web Almanac needs authors, and presenting CanIEmail Front End News #029 17 mai 2021

Find out how to optimize Web Vitals using Lighthouse. Why is Babel running out of money? Web Almanac needs authors and contributors. And CanIEmail can be your best friend if you create emails frequently. Major software releases include Angular 12, Deno 1.10, TypeScript 4.3 RC, and more.