35 Years of Web, Speedometer 3, Chrome 123-124, Firefox 124-125, Vivaldi mobile 6.6, and more | Front End News #108

35 Years of Web, Speedometer 3, Chrome 123-124, Firefox 124-125, Vivaldi mobile 6.6, and more

— Front End News #108 | 17 aprilie 2024 —

We mark a significant milestone in this issue - 35 years of the World Wide Web. Speedometer 3.0 sets a new standard for browser performance. Browser News brings you the latest updates for Chrome (123-124), Firefox (124-125), and Vivaldi mobile (6.6), ensuring you stay ahead in the digital landscape. The Release Radar has new releases and updates, including Angular 17.3, Bun 1.1, Deno 1.42, ESLint v9, Gulp v5, WordPress 6.5, and more. We wrap things up with tools, utilities, images, and fonts, equipping you with everything you need for your web design and development needs.

The Web’s 35th Birthday

March 12 marks 35 years since the birth of the Web. This year, we received an open letter from its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, and an article from the CEO of the W3C.

What are the key points we should remember? Big corporations still influence the Web, and the fast rise of AI only exacerbates the situation. We must address power concentration and the personal data market that enables targeted advertising.

Speedometer 3.0

Speedometer is a browser benchmark that has just reached the third major iteration.

💻 Browser News

Rachel Andrew provides the March synopsis of what new things launched on the web platform.


Chrome 123 supports the new light-dark() function, allows you to diagnose responsiveness on your site with the Long Animation Frames API, and more. The DevTools have been updated extensively, including the Elements and Network panels and upgrading Lighthouse to version 11.5.

Chrome 124 has just been released. It brings two new APIs for using declarative shadow DOM in JavaScript, a new API for WebSocket Stream, better view transitions, and more. DevTools include a new AutoFill panel, better CSS nesting, Lighthouse 11.6, and so on.


Firefox 124 brings a suite of quality-of-life improvements and security fixes.

Firefox 125 supports the AV1 codec and the popover global attribute, and it provides numerous security fixes and minor web platform additions.


Vivaldi mobile users get their upgrade to version 6.6, both on Android and iOS.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

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Wrapping things up

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