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Cover for Loaf


Animated SVG icons you'll love to use

Cover for Iconsans


320+ Free Icons for your next project

Cover for Foodiesfeed


free AI-generated food photos

Cover for DemoCoding: Neumorphism

DemoCoding: Neumorphism

CSS Neumorphism Generator

Cover for DemoCoding: Gradients

DemoCoding: Gradients

CSS Gradient Generator

Cover for DemoCoding: Glassmorphism

DemoCoding: Glassmorphism

CSS Glassmorphism Generator

Cover for Comic Mono

Comic Mono

A legible monospace font

Cover for Can I DevTools?

Can I DevTools?

it is like @CanIUse but for the browser devtools

Cover for Branition: Colors

Branition: Colors

Browse over 300 hand-curated color palettes

Cover for Badgers


Fast and clean SVG badges for your projects

Cover for WhatTheFont


MyFonts' AI-Powered Font Finder

Cover for Typewolf


What's Trending in Type

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