Front End Resources

For Front-End Developers and Designers
Cover for OKLCH


Color Picker & Converter

Cover for Hicon


Web Friendly Icon Pack

Cover for Glyphs


The Mightiest Icons on the Web

Cover for CSS Bud Generators

CSS Bud Generators

Why code, when you can use generators?

Cover for Broider


A tool for making "9-patch" borders

Cover for Atlas Icons

Atlas Icons

Open source free icons library

Cover for AgnosticUI


One branded themeā€¦ all the frameworks

Cover for Unfake.png


Use AI to turn fake PNGs to true PNGs

Cover for Lorem Faces

Lorem Faces

AI-generated faces for your web projects and designs

Cover for Flat UI Color Picker

Flat UI Color Picker

Gives you the perfect colors for Flat Design

Cover for Fancy Border Radius

Fancy Border Radius

Build organic looking shapes

Cover for We Are Heroes Digital Resources

We Are Heroes Digital Resources

A selection of design resources to take your designs to the next level

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