Front End Resources

For Front-End Developers and Designers
Cover for More Graphics

More Graphics

Your Unique and Free Generator Tools in One Place

Cover for Glassmorphism CSS Generator

Glassmorphism CSS Generator

Generate background code for UI elements

Cover for Generated Photos

Generated Photos

Unique, worry-free model photos, generated completely by AI

Cover for vectormaker


Convert images to SVG vectors

Cover for Regex-Vis


Regex visualizer and editor

Cover for Random User Generator

Random User Generator

A free, open-source API for generating random user data

Cover for Rayst Gradients

Rayst Gradients

A Collection of Beautiful Gradients Generated by AI

Cover for Futicons


Icons for the future

Cover for Glyphs


Copy & Paste Symbols

Cover for Fontjoy


Font pairing made simple

Cover for ColorKit


Free color tools

Cover for Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap Icons

An open source icon library with over 1800 icons

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