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For Front-End Developers and Designers
Cover for DamnGood.Tools


Easy-to-use, fun tools—free (and open-source)

Cover for CSS Gradient Generator

CSS Gradient Generator

Create advanced CSS gradients

Cover for Commit Mono

Commit Mono

an anonymous and neutral coding font

Cover for Tunera Type Foundry

Tunera Type Foundry

a transnational type foundry, presenting new and original typefaces for everyone

Cover for SVG Path Visualizer 📐

SVG Path Visualizer 📐

Visualize SVG path data and discover all its different commands.

Cover for SVG Hub


Custom-color elements ready to paste into your project

Cover for QuickRef.ME


cheat sheets and quick references contributed by open-source angels

Cover for Free Faces

Free Faces

a curated collection of typefaces available under a variety of free licenses

Cover for Flowbite Icons

Flowbite Icons

Free and open-source SVG icons

Cover for Durves


A tool for creating and exporting dot patterns

Cover for Type Scale

Type Scale

A visual type scale calculator

Cover for SVG Shapes

SVG Shapes

100+ SVGs. No Attribution required

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