WebKit Documentation, Chrome 113, Edge 113, Firefox 113, Angular 16, Electron 24, and more | Front End News #096

WebKit Documentation, Chrome 113, Edge 113, Firefox 113, Angular 16, Electron 24, and more

— Front End News #096 | May 9, 2023 —

The WebKit Documentation portal is now available to all developers interested in the internal way of a web engine. Firefox will fight fake reviews with the help of Fakespot. And Chromium replaces the lock icon with a new tune one, bringing more attention to the security options menu hidden below it.

In Browser News, we got a roundup of last month's changes, and a list of updates for all major browsers: Chrome 113, MS Edge 113, Firefox 113, and Safari TP 169.

It's a rich target environment on the Release Radar, including Angular 16, Electron 24, Node v20.1.0, or Qwik 1.0. And we wrap up with a few Resources, such as an icon set, a package of abstract design assets, and a "periodic table" of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Introducing WebKit Documentation

The WebKit team has released a new repository of documentation on the internals of their web engine. The project aims to support contributors by exposing information in an easy and organized way.

Trustworthy Shopping with Firefox and Fakespot

Mozilla announced its purchase of Fakespot, a startup that uses AI and machine learning to identify fake and unreliable reviews. While Fakespot tools will continue to be available across all browsers, some future iterations will be unique to Firefox.

An Update on the Lock Icon in Chromium browsers

The Chromium team announced they will replace the ubiquitous padlock icon with a new tune icon. The goal is to "emphasize that security should be the default state, and to make site settings more accessible." This way, users will be more enticed to access the controls hidden under that icon and find out more about the security settings of each website.

💻 Browser news

Another month passed, bringing the roundup on the updates to the web platform in April: Chrome (and Edge) 112, Firefox 112, the inert attribute, the linear() easing function, CSS Nesting, CSS animation-composition, and a new headless mode for Chrome.


Chrome 113 adds support for WebGPU, a new API that exposes modern hardware capabilities, and enhances the Privacy Sandbox with First-Party Sets. This feature allows organizations to declare relationships between websites so that browsers allow limited third-party cookies access for specific purposes.

Developers can now override Response Headers using the DevTools, you can use autocomplete with Console commands, and a lot more.


Firefox 113 just launched today, bringing an enhanced Picture-in-Picture mode, better protection for private windows, more secure generated passwords, and an improved, redesigned accessibility engine.

Under the hood there is improved support for CSS colors level 4, the search in source files is now better, and you can now override a JS file in the debugger.

Microsoft Edge

Edge users got new features with the release of version 113. The security mode provides more protection, macOS users will receive further updates via EdgeUpdater instead of Microsoft Autoupdate, and you can now return to the last point you were in a PDF file with the latest policy for PDF View Settings.


The WebKit team released Safari Technology Preview 169, adding support for overflow-block and overflow-inline media query features, as well as fixing a long list of issues.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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