State of HTML, Firefox 118, Vivaldi on iOS, Safari TP 180, Astro 3.2, Deno 1.37, Next.js 13.5, and more | Front End News #103

State of HTML, Firefox 118, Vivaldi on iOS, Safari TP 180, Astro 3.2, Deno 1.37, Next.js 13.5, and more

— Front End News #103 | 9 octombrie 2023 —

The State of HTML completes the web platform survey trilogy. DuckDuckGo celebrates 15 years of existence, and we look at the new things to the web platform that landed in September. The browser releases include Firefox 118, Vivaldi for iOS and iPadOS, and Safari Technology Preview 180.

There are many signals on the Release Radar, including Astro 3.2, Deno 1.37, Hugo v0.119, Neutralinojs v4.14, Next.js 13.5, Node v20.8, and more. The resource package contains an extensive collection of programming fonts, a tool to create beautiful moving gradients, and many other helpful things.

State of HTML

State of JavaScript and State of CSS have proven to be outstanding gauges for the web platform, bringing together developers, standard makers, and browser builders. The trilogy is now complete with the third survey - State of HTML. It covers the HTML elements and several related browser APIs (PWAs, Web Components, and more).

πŸ’» Browser news

Rachel Andrew continues her series of monthly summaries on the web platform. In September, we got stable releases from all major browsers: Firefox 118, Safari 17, and Chrome 117. You can find more details on the new platform features below.


DuckDuckGo appeared 15 years ago as a more user-focused alternative to Google. What started as yet another project born in a basement is now the 3rd in search market share in the US. Find more about its long journey in the article below.


Firefox 118 brings automated local translation of web content, ten new CSS math functions, support for the <search> element, and various security fixes.


An old proverb says: "If you can't beat them, join them." Vivaldi decided to enter the iOS market with their mobile browser. Users can enjoy the features packed inside Vivaldi, even though the engine running under the hood is WebKit.


Speaking of WebKit, they launched another Safari Technology Preview. This release fixes a large number of issues, including many CSS and Accessibility ones.

πŸ“‘ The Release Radar

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Wrapping things up

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