Celebrating Firefox 100, Safari Technology Preview 144, Mocha 10, npm 8.9.0, and more | Front End News #063

Celebrating Firefox 100, Safari Technology Preview 144, Mocha 10, npm 8.9.0, and more

— Front End News #063 | 9 mai 2022 —

We have another week where browser news takes the front stage. Firefox 100 is now out there, after more than 17 years since the 2004 launch. The release notes for Chrome 101 are finally available. And Mac users can explore the new WebKit features in Safari Technology Preview 144. As for the software updates, this week we got mocha v10.0.0, npm v8.9.0, and more.

Celebrating Firefox 100

This week it was time for Firefox to break the 100 versions threshold. It took more than 17 years to reach this point, as Firefox 1 was announced in November 2004.

This release includes many features related to video playback, such as:

I'm glad to see that they changed the way scrollbars are displayed by default on Linux and Windows 11. On these platforms, the scrollbars won't reduce anymore the viewport size.

And that's not all there is in this update. There are many performance and security improvements as well. For the full list, you should check the release notes linked below.

Browser news


I mentioned last week that there was no blog post describing the new features in Chrome 101. That article arrived this week though and I invite you to explore it.


There is a new Safari Technology Preview release for Mac users, this one bearing number 144. There is a long list of fixes and updates, but nothing stands to my attention. If you are interested and want to know more, please check the release notes.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

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