Introducing, GitHub Copilot Voice and Copilot X, Edge 111, Firefox 111, Safari 16.4, and more | Front End News #093

Introducing, GitHub Copilot Voice and Copilot X, Edge 111, Firefox 111, Safari 16.4, and more

— Front End News #093 | March 28, 2023 —

In this issue we touch on a handful of AI-related topics: Mozilla pledges support to research a better, ethical AI ecosystem. GitHub unveils Copilot X, their vision for the future, and Copilot Voice, which allows you to code using voice commands.

In browser news, we discuss Edge 111, Firefox 111, Polypane 13.1, Safari 16.4, and Safari Technology Preview 166. On the Release Radar, we have stuff like ESLint v8.36.0, Mongoose 7, or TypeScript 5.0. Last but not least, we got a handful of resources, including icons, SVG shapes, font utilities, and more.


Mozilla pledged $30M to fund - an initiative to build "a trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI ecosystem." This entity will focus on creating "tools that make generative AI safer and more transparent", and "people-centric recommendation systems that don’t misinform or undermine our well-being".

Introducing GitHub Copilot Voice and Copilot X

GitHub continues unveiling new features for Copilot. First, we got Copilot Voice, which allows you to code using voice commands without spelling everything out.

Next, we got Copilot X. This represents the future vision they have for this tool. Here is a quote from their landing page:

The “X” represents a placeholder for where we intend GitHub Copilot to become available, and what we expect it to be capable of doing (e.g. “Copilot “, “Copilot “). It is extending the product from one experience, code completion, to X experiences across the developer’s workflow. GitHub Copilot will always need to be so much more tomorrow than what it currently is today.

💻 Browser news

I am getting slightly miffed by the release schedule of the major browsers versus the schedule of this newsletter. Firefox 111 was released the next day after the previous issue was published. Chrome 112 was scheduled to be released today, but it got delayed until tomorrow. I am already a day late, so it will have to be presented in the next issue. In the long term though, I have the feeling that it will have to be me doing the adjustments, not the other way around.


Microsoft released Edge 111 on March 13. Keeping up with their progressive rollout policy, we continued to get smaller incremental updates over the last couple of weeks.

This set of updates brings a reworked Sidebar, a larger Feed on the New Tab Page, security enhancements, a new policy to clear IE mode data on browser exit, and native integration of Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into the Microsoft Edge PDF reader.


As I mentioned above, Firefox 111 rolled out on March 14. This update brings native Windows notifications, security fixes, and new changes to the web platform:

Developers can now make use of CSS color functions color(), lab(), lch(), oklab(), and oklch() by enabling a settings flag. For more "under-the-hood" changes, you can check the release notes below.


Polypane users, rejoice, for you got another update. This release brings new features to the Elements panel, better filters for the Networking panel, the color picker supports APCA, faster startup time, better UI performance, and much more.


Safari users can now upgrade their browsers to version 16.4. This release brings a huge load of features, updates, improvements, and fixes. Here are just a few highlights:

As I mentioned above, the list is a lot longer. Feel free to check the official release notes linked below.

By comparison, Safari Technology Preview 166 has a much shorter list of updates. Having @counter-style enabled by default, or adding support for the popover attribute, are just some of the features included here.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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That's all I have for this issue. Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, and I will see you again next time!

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