25 years of Mozilla, Chrome 112, Edge 112, Safari 16.5 Beta, Astro 2.2, Tailwind CSS v3.3, and more | Front End News #094

25 years of Mozilla, Chrome 112, Edge 112, Safari 16.5 Beta, Astro 2.2, Tailwind CSS v3.3, and more

— Front End News #094 | April 10, 2023 —

In this issue, we're celebrating a quarter century of Mozilla. In browser news, we have the Chrome 112, Edge 112, Safari Technology Preview 167 releases, a glimpse of Safari 16.5 Beta, and a recapitulation of the changes to the Web Platform that landed last month.

On the release radar, we have Astro 2.2, Electron 24, Ionic 7, Rome v12, and Tailwind CSS v3.3 among other things. And we're wrapping things up with a batch of fresh resources: icons, fonts, a free photo editor, and a tool to restore photos using AI.

A quarter century of Mozilla

March 31, or β€œthree thirty-one,” is the birthday of Mozilla and this year it marked the 25th anniversary of the organization. In this interval, they contributed a lot to the web ecosystem and I hope they will continue doing so for a long time. A diverse web ecosystem is beneficial for all of us.

Happy Birthday, Mozilla!

πŸ’» Browser news

Rachel Andrew is back with another update on what came to the web platform in March. Chrome, Edge, and Firefox got their 111 releases, while Safari 16.4 brought a lot of long-awaited features. For an overview of the features that landed with these updates, you should check the article below or the previous issues of this newsletter.


Chrome 112 was released just one day after the previous issue of Front End News went live. This update brings support for native CSS nesting, updates to the dialog element initial focus, and more. The DevTools received updates to the Recorder panel, inline CSS documentation tips, Lighthouse 10, and more.


Microsoft Edge 112 brings enhanced security mode updates, more features for web app policy, an in-browser JSON viewer, and a new policy for the new tab page.


Safari 16.4 has just got live recently and we're already getting a glimpse of what's to come with the 16.5 Beta update of the Mac browser. The next release will support native CSS nesting, pre-orders and deferred payments for Apple Pay, and a bunch of fixes to existing issues.

On a related topic, we have the Safari Technology Preview 167 release. This release brings a hefty list of fixes, improvements, and even some new features: top-level & selector for CSS Nesting, popover focusing steps, Web API Priority Hints, and more.

πŸ“‘ The Release Radar

πŸ› οΈ Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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