Introducing the MDN Playground, DuckDuckGo for Windows, Safari TP 173, Ember 5.0, Svelte 4, and more | Front End News #100

Introducing the MDN Playground, DuckDuckGo for Windows, Safari TP 173, Ember 5.0, Svelte 4, and more

— Front End News #100 | July 3, 2023 —

MDN launches Playground, their new tool for interactive examples and rapid prototyping. In Browser News, DuckDuckGo launches the beta version of their Windows browser, while Safari users can test many of the upcoming Safari 17 features in Safari Technology Preview 173. On the Release Radar, we encounter entries like Ember 5.0, Svelte 4, and more. And the Resource set of this issue includes cheatsheets, icons, font faces, and some useful utilities.

Introducing the MDN Playground

The MDN has been for a long time the best knowledge repository for the web platform. Now they up their game even further, by introducing the Playground. This new feature supercharges the existing Live Examples, allowing people to experiment with the notions they are learning about. Of course, that's not all this tool is about, so check out the announcement below for more details.

πŸ’» Browser news

June was a quiet month for the web platform, with Firefox 114 being the only stable release of the main browsers.


DuckDuckGo announced the public beta version of its Windows browser. The app is not a fork of Chromium, like many other browsers. Instead, it uses a Windows WebView2 call running the Blink rendering engine.

As expected, the app is packed full of privacy-preserving features. There is an ad-blocker, a password manager, a custom player for YouTube videos, and a lot more.


Safari Technology Preview 173 is now available and includes many of the features that will be part of the Safari 17 update. You can select which features to enable with the new Feature Flags section, you can add any web app to the Dock, or you can use the JPEG XL file format, to name just a few of them.

πŸ“‘ The Release Radar

πŸ› οΈ Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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