Chrome 115, Firefox 115-116, MS Edge 115, Polypane 14.1, Safari TP 174-175, TypeScript 5.2 Beta, and more | Front End News #101

Chrome 115, Firefox 115-116, MS Edge 115, Polypane 14.1, Safari TP 174-175, TypeScript 5.2 Beta, and more

— Front End News #101 | 2 august 2023 —

In this issue, we'll explore the July updates to the web platform, how to get better search results with DuckDuckGo, and we'll cover a large list of recent browser releases. We got Chrome 115, Firefox 115 and 116, MS Edge 115, Polypane 14.1, and Safari TP 174 and 175.

On the Release Radar, we spot entries such as Astro 2.9, Deno 1.35, Prettier 3.0, Vite 4.4, or the Beta version of TypeScript 5.2. We round up the issue with a large number of resources, assets, and utilities for all your web design and development needs.

💻 Browser news

The month of July brought releases from all major browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge got updated to version 115. This includes some interesting additions to the web platform, such as a new syntax for the CSS display property, or the option to create scroll-driven animations. More details can be found in Rachel Andrew's article below.


Chrome 115 brings support for native scroll-driven animations and Fenced Frames, a new HTML element for embedding content in a restricted manner.

Developers got a lot of nice toys to play with. They can now see what nested grids are subgrids. There are new tooltips for showing specificity or value for custom CSS properties. The Lighthouse panel now uses Lighthouse 10.2. And the list goes on.


Do you like your online privacy but the search results from DuckDuckGo are not good enough? Don't worry! You can get results from many other sources using the ! or bang modifier. Be aware though that this is a redirect, and the target website can track your further navigation.


In this issue, we're dealing with two Firefox releases: 115 and 116.

Let's start with the earlier release, numbered 115. Users can now import their payment methods from Chrome-based browsers, along with some quality-of-life and security improvements. Developers can start making use of new features, such as the CSS animation-composition property, or the JavaScript Array.fromAsync() method.

Moving forward to release 116, which brings improved control over the sidebar interface, better upload performance on HTTP/2, and various security fixes. Developers should take a peek at the list of under-the-hood updates to the web platform and the add-ons.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 115 introduces the Microsoft Edge management service, a new area inside Microsft 365 admin center. Along comes a list of new policies, together with fixes for various bugs and performance issues.


Polypane users received a minor update to version 14.1. This release brings support for container queries inside the Elements panel, contrast lines in all color pickers, a new engine for hover synchronization, and many bug fixes and core improvements.


The WebKit team also released two new versions (174 and 175) of the Safari Technology Preview. Each update brings a solid list of fixes and minor improvements.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

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